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Danae Danzl Leather:

A desktop Site design

Danzl's only presence is IG

Project Overview | Danae Danzl Leather is an independant leather worker based in Chicago, IL. They are looking to expand their business online. Danae Danzl Leather needs an 

e-commerce website with a focus on branding.

Timeline | 3 Weeks

UX Methods | 

  • Interviews

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis

  • Personas and User Flows

  • Sketches, Wireframes, Prototype 

  • Visual Design

It's more than Leather

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 12.21.03
Interviewed 6 people who purchase leather goods

Customer Care | I sat down and interviewed 6 people who enjoy purchasing leather goods. I focused the conversation on how they shopped for leather, where, and why. It was important for me to get an understanding of their shopping behaviors. Do they buy leather goods online or in-store? What do they look for when buying leather goods? All these factors were important for the design of this site. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 5.18.17 PM.png
Had users pick a competitor website to analyze
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 5.42.38 PM.png
Had users show me a site with good branding

Testing| Since I was working completely from scratch, I had users show me competitor sites. I asked them to find their favorite items on the site, which they found within seconds. I asked them if it was easy for them to navigate the sites and to find the information they needed. If they answered yes to the questions I used them for a competitive/comparative analysis. 

The Leather Lover

DDLeather Persona.jpg

Combining Trends | The 6 people had some strong similarities when it came to shopping for leather goods. They all prefer to support local small businesses, items that support their lifestyle, and sex positivity. They also found themselves purchases items online rather than in stores.

The Problem: 

" Taylor needs a way to support a local leather worker online so that they can feel better about buying leather goods on the internet."

The Flow


User Flow | There were three tasks that I was focusing on. I learned that my persona usually has three different ways they figure out if they want to purchase from a leather designer. The first flow shows my persona is shopping at the available items. The second flow is when my persona is wanting to learn more about the designer and brand history. Lastly, they want to know how purchasing from this brand works.  

Sketching + Wireframing

Previous Iterations| The original wireframes didn't have a shopping cart, which was a pure mistake. This was changed in the final prototype to having a shopping cart added to the shopping pages based off of usability testing.  

Home Page.png

Home Page | I wanted to make it obvious this was an e-commerce website. This way the users would feel more confident in making a purchase. Based off of my research I wanted the home page to be a place where future marketing can live. Usually it's an image(s), so I wanted to make sure users get the same experience with Danae Danzl Leather. 

Shop Page.png

Product Page | Based off of my research, users enjoy being able to filter out which kinds of product they're interested in. Since Danzl doesn't have a lot of items, I designed the layout so the user can casually scroll through quickly. Making it easy and clear so the user can figure out what items they would like to purchase

Visual Design


Mood Board | Danae Danzl Leather stays true to the modern goth/punk aesthetics, but combining elements of life and death. I wanted to bring those elements to the site as much as I could while also keeping it clean and minimal.

DDLeather - Style Tile.jpg

Style Tile| Creating Danzl's logo I wanted to have it be minimal, but with a hint of gothic elements. For the typography I used two fonts that were sans-serifs. This to make sure the design was cohesively modern. Danzl requested I kept the color palette to black, white, and grey tones. 

Website Prototype

Go through the Prototype yourself!

Takeaways | I put my design in front of a few users for a usability test. seem to be on the right track when it comes to navigation. My design ended up getting a SUS score of 93. For my next steps I plan on creating a mobile version. I also will be working with my client more on further iterations down the line. 

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